1. Beginners swimming courses from 3 years

Caution: All swimming courses for kids starting at the age of 3  take place without parents!

Even the "youngest" (from the age of 3) should already be able to free themselves from the parents for the time of the course and concentrate on the lessons.

The crocodile courses depend on each other. At the very beginning, we assign all children to the Crocodile I course to determine the current level of their performance. After that, the coaches decide which group is best for your child. How long a child needs to reach the next level depends on the previous experience, the ability to learn and the regular participation in the course.

  1. Swimming lessons for our big beginners

Nowadays so many children can not swim properly and start their first swimming course relatively late (7-14 years). Our mission is to teach these children safe swimming. It's never too late to learn how to swim!

  1.  Toddlers at the age of two swimming classes with one parent

Our toddlers course offers the optimal basis for getting used to water. With lots of fun and playing your toddler is getting teached how to get familliar with the element water. Fears can be broken down and confidence in the water can be gained. Fun and games are in the foreground. A child who is used to water learns to swim faster, safer and more properly.

  1. Aquafit courses for children starting 6 years with parents

The "Aqua Fitness - for Kids"  between the ages of 6 and 12 are the best way to prevent obesity

3 course starts per year:

The courses of the crocodile swimming school usually start in winter (about January), in spring (about April) and in summer (about August / September) of a year. A crocodile course usually covers 10-12 lessons with one lesson per week each 30 minutes for our beginners. At the usual school holidays and public holidays there are no swimming classes (except the summer vacation).

For more information about our available courses, please send us an non-obligatory inquiry and we will send you a suitable offer.


The registration for our swimming courses started. We look forward to see you!

For further information please contact us:


Mobile: 015167508302


Amr Abouelmaaty


Werstener Dorfstraße 9

40591 Düsseldorf


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