Crocodile beginners starting at age of 3 years

The crocodile swimming school concentrate on a  professional swimming education. The initial swimming techniques are the backstroke and freestyle.

Basically, we classify every new crocodile child in our Crocodile I course, so that the responsiblel coaches can determine the current level of performance and, if necessary, divide your child into another group.

How long a child needs to reach the next level depends on the previous experience, the ability to learn and the regular participation in the course. It is important for you to know that the crocodile swimming school does not use swimming aids.

The crocodile courses build on each other and are divided into the following stages:

  1. Your child becomes familiar with the element of water. It learns in methodical series and with the help of his trainer, the breathing, gliding, hovering, diving and jumping. 

  1. Now your child learns to make a seastar (floating) on his back.


  1. Your child is getting better in backswimming. He can dive his face underwater and learn to open his eyes under water. Your child learns to jump into deep water with the help of his trainer.

  1. Now your child can dive at least 1.25 m. Your child can jump alone into the water and swim at least 50 m on his back without help. Congratulations it's time for the seahorse (Seepferdchen)! Since we attach great importance to the safety of children, your child will receive his seahorses badge only after it has met the double requirements.


  1. To learn the freestyle technique, your child now needs swimming goggles and swim fins. The breathing while crawling is refined and the crawl-arm stroke is improved. There are always longer distances covered in water and your child moves towards the bronze badges.

Our courses:

For more information please contact us:

  1. Beginner Course 6-8 children per instructor (14 Euro per lesson per 30 minutes)


  1. Beginners Course Small Groups max. 5 children per instructor (18 euros per lesson per 30 minutes)


  1. Crocodile Premium course a group of max. 3 children per instructor (25 euros per lesson per 30 minutes)


  1. Swimming lessons for our older children 7-12 years in a group of 5 children


  1. Swimming lessons for teenagers 13-18 years in a group of 5 children


  1. Beginners course for anxious children crocodile H2O. In this course a trainer teaches a child. (40 euros per course unit a 30 minutes)


  1. Aquafit for children (age 6)


  1. Crocodile toddlers course with a parent starting at the age of 2 years


The registration for our swimming courses started. We look forward to see you!

For further information please contact us:


Mobile: 015167508302


Amr Abouelmaaty


Werstener Dorfstraße 9

40591 Düsseldorf


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