Below are answers to common questions. If you have further questions, please contact us. 

At what age can my child learn how to swim at the KSS?

Your child can take part in a beginner course of the crocodile swimming school at the age of 3. It is important that your child has already gained first water experiences and can get rid of the parents. 

My child is already older (7-18 years old) and a non-swimmer, is a participatiom in a swimming course still possible?

The crocodile swimming school offers beginners courses for older non-swimmers in suitable groups. It's never too late to learn how to swim.


How can I prepare my child for the swimming class?

Diving is very important for learning swimming. If your child does not like water / water splashes on the face, you should practice in the bathtub or swimming pool before attending the swimming course. Let your child blow into the water with his mouth and nose. Step by step, encourage your child to take more and more parts of the face into the water (chin, mouth, nose, ears, forehead). It should have already lost the fear of the water in face, ears and on the head before the swimming course. Do not force anything, many kids just need more more time than others. 

What does your child need for the swimming course?

Your child needs a swimming short (as tight as possible) or a swimsuit, a towel, ev. A bathrobe,and shampoo to shower after the class. We offer your child a KSS swim cap. This prevents your child from freezing in the water so quickly because most of the heat is lost through the head. We recommend to refrain from wetsuits as they are not conducive to swimming. Some children feel the temperature when swimming unpleasantly cold, especially at the beginning of the courses, if the children can not swim longer distances. If it is more comfortable for your child, it may like to wear a special swimming wetsuit.


How are the lessons taken?

Our swimming lessons take place in rented swimming pools in schools as well as in public baths. Changing rooms for boys and girls are available. Help your child change. The swimming pool may not be entered with street shoes. In the first hour we get to know each other. The parents can stay in the pool for a while, after which they can wait in the changing room or in front of the building. At the end of the lesson, pick up your children, help them shower and get dressed. Allow enough time to change before the first lesson.


Are the parents allowed to watch the swimming class?

All swimming lessons take place without parents. This is important so that children can focus on the tasks without distraction. Prerequisite for participation is that your child can detach from you for the duration of the course.


How can I help my child learn to swim safely?

In addition to the swimming course, you can visit a swimming pool regularly with your child. Your child can proudly present to you what it has already learned and deepen what you have learned. If you want to practice together with your child, it is very important that you work in addition to the swimming class.


How long does my child need to learn to swim?

The time it takes a child to swim safely depends on the child's prior experience, willingness to learn, and ability to learn. Another important factor is the regular participation in the swimming course. In addition to swimming, we also teach your child how to safely use the element of water. It is not enough to be able to stay afloat. A child must learn how to cope with water splashes and move safely in the water both on the back and on the stomach.